Tyneshia's Story of Healing #YouAreBRAVE

"I have been running in fear of my past. Running in fear of pressing charges against an abusive adoptive mother. Scared that God would leave me as the same broken and troubled woman that he found me. I wanted the pain to be on my terms. I wanted to know how long I would have to suffer. How long do I have go in fear of people? Running away has only showed me that God is not going to leave me and that if I run He's with me. He used both strangers and friends to show me that I have a home. My church has been more of a family to me than my past 14 foster families and three adoptive families. I've learned that my past is not far but I am strong with the Lord. He knows what's best and I have to believe with all my heart not just a part. I have to let Him in my 'whole house,' not just the living room. I want to be brave enough to let God make Himself at home in all of me."