Jasmine's #YouAreBRAVE Story

I was born with a chronic liver disease by the name of Biliary Artresia. When I was less than a month old, I had undergone an 8 hour surgery to help keep me alive as I awaited a liver transplant for 17 years. I am 22 now.  Throughout my 22 years of existence, the Lord has weaved His loving-kindness through the tapestry of my life. His Gospel, His word, His faithfulness, His Grace and Mercy became the rock in which the currents of these hardships slammed me into. There were many instances where I found my mangled, lifeless body laying in bed without any ounce of hope that I’d survive. The promise of another day was so uncertain, and the anticipation of a potential organ felt like an eternity. I was consuming around 40 medications everyday and declining rapidly. The toxins within my body had built up so severely that I had become seconds from being brain dead, and thus negating an opportunity for me to be a healthy recipient for a transplant. Often times I found myself in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital, being admitted for months while my body withered away in severe, excruciating pain. On it’s surface, I would have been given every justification to curse God in His abandonment towards me and to question his unkindness. However, Day after day, moment after moment, I had discovered that the well in which I drew life from, was the underlying fundament that Christ Jesus is Risen; therefore He Himself is good!! He endures all things for me. I am His beloved! While my physical body decayed before me, Christ my Shepherd renewed me in His goodness. I have come out of this situation realizing this foundational truth: I lay hold of Christ, because He lays hold of me. Though my predicament had lacked an escape, I was enclosed within the safety of my Father’s sovereign hand. In my darkest winter, I had found in me an endless summer. I lack nothing apart from Christ Jesus. Under those circumstances, I can declare that, “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26