Joi's #YouAreBRAVE Story

My sophomore year in high school was a struggle for me. I was in a horrible relationship. I was verbally and somewhat physically abused, I was blinded by what I thought at the time was love. Later that year my parents separated. My mother and I had no where to go. We ended up sleeping on my uncles couch which ended up being our home for going on three years. My relationship fell apart. Everything in my life was happening so quickly. I was heart broken and hurt. I felt like I had no one. I cried my self to sleep on numerous occasions. I experimented with drugs and turned self harm for comfort. I wanted to kill myself, I felt like no one cared. I tried to pray every day. If I never said anything else I said "God help me be the best I can be in your eyes". God worked in my life. He answered my prayers. He saved me from the path of destruction. God became my number one priority. He blessed me with a amazing God fearing young man. My friends come to me to receive guidance for their salvation. I grow every single day, and I will continue to grow until we're face to face.#YouAreBrave