Alana's #YouAreBrave Story

I would have to say I've been blessed with many brave stories over the years. From waiting to have a boyfriend until God told me it was time, to saving our first kiss for the altar, to surviving two emergency surgeries for our sweet healthy children to be born. So many stories. But what's happening now, what we're living now is so hard. Our faith is challenged every day because we decided to accept God's challenge to give up everything to live and work for and with Him, instead of for money. And most people don't understand. We've been ridiculed, ill-treated, threatened, and otherwise persecuted from so many angles. It's so hard. But we've seen lives transformed. We've seen hope light people's eyes. We've seen that God is powerful and faithful and able and true. Our marriage is the strongest it's ever been. We're closer to our children. We just can't turn back from Him. Faith is heaven's currency. And it's the only currency my family and I are sure of. But it's solid. If you can invest even a mustard seed (tiny bit) of faith in God, ‪#‎YouAreBrave‬. Hebrews 11:32-40