Jamie's #YouAreBrave Story

"In 2008 I made the best and most important decision I've ever made in my life, I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. After that, I wondered how I was going to tell me parents that I'm a Christian now. I grew up Catholic (more of the traditional Filipino thing to do) and that is what my family has known. Before I left to the high school camp that would forever change my life, my mom told me to promise her that I would stay Catholic. I promised her not knowing that God was going to reveal Himself to me in a way that I never knew before- that He's real and that I was in desperate need of Him. I remember being in my parents car after camp ended and the excitement and joy that I had in my heart could not be contained. I asked my parents if they would be upset if I was a Christian and they said " Yes" . Which I boldly replied "Well, I'm a Christian now..." I honestly did not think it was a big deal, however my parents thought otherwise. There were so many times that I can recall my parents yelling at me, being so incredibly outraged that I decided to follow Jesus. There were nights where they would come into my room and start yelling at me. I literally felt them tearing me down... My own parents... The people that were to lift me up and encourage me were doing the opposite. Despite the years of my parents giving me a hard time about my faith, I knew that I had a loving Heavenly Father and those trials were there to refine my faith and character. Only God got me through all those hard nights. He took my nights of crying into crying out to Him. He has shown me His faithfulness, grace, peace, love and mercy time and time again. I would not change those moments I've had because God has truly used them for good (to testify about His goodness and help those who going through/have gone through the same/ similar situation) and to shape me into who I am today. 2 Corinthians 12:10, a verse that kept me encouraged through all those difficult times." #YOUAREBRAVE