Celi's #YouAreBRAVE Story

"I was in a very destructive relationship. I made bad choices with the people I let into my life. Dating this guy was one of them. Growing up, I felt like I had to perform in order for God to love me and I had the same view of the guy I was with. A lot of us girls are not fostered to think we're special, so it's hard to leave if you don't believe that you deserve better. The enemy put doubts in my head, like, 'Will I always be alone? If I don't have the destructive parts of my life, am I going to discover that I'm super messed up?' When I started reading the Bible and seeing how much God loves me, I realized that I do deserve better. I felt like he was speaking to me so clearly, 'This is not your path. Being with someone who doesn't think you're special is not good for you. There's another life.' I started listening to that voice instead. God is not absent, He equips us for action. When I finally made the decision to leave that abusive situation, He was there to catch me and give me a completely different life. It's a giant step to take but there is so much freedom in it."