Brett's #YouAreBRAVE Story

"As a child, I had a functioning family. A strong father, a loving mother, and close-knit siblings. Then, when I was 11, everything changed and my parents suddenly divorced, and it was brutal. I was forced to choose sides. And in the mess of family division, my father checked out of my life. No longer was I carried on his shoulders, no longer was I showed the ropes of manhood, no longer did I have a father to look up to. It was just my mom and I. The time of my life where I needed a dad most, I couldn't access him. But in my buried frustration and deep pain and endless searches, Jesus Christ beckoned me to His Cross, and has shown me the way. He has shown me what a Father really is. He has shown how much He loves me. In fact, He loves me so much, that He would rather give His only and beloved Son, than live without me. And so He did. He tells me He's proud of me. He corrects me and encourages me in love when needed. He carries me when I can't stand. From learning how to shave, to learning how to treasure a woman's heart - my Heavenly Father has been there, and I know with all my heart that He will NEVER leave me or forsake me. I love my earthly father, and I know he loves me still. But nothing in this world compares to the love and embrace of our Heavenly Father. He is all I need, and He makes me brave."