DIAMOND YEAR "Seven 'S' Words for the Student"

My Strong Sister, My Bold Brother,

What a rare jewel you are. You shine like a diamond in the rough, a pure and precious stone in the middle of the rubble. You have caught God’s eye and He is preparing you to accomplish something great! Just as a diamond is cleaned and cut, you are going to be challenged during your unique experience at school but the end result is beautiful. Here are 7 “S” words I wish I would’ve been given last year before my first day of college at Grand Canyon University. 

Start. This is a fresh semester and you are entering as a new person. Whatever mistakes you’ve made before, give them to God. He’s got a perfectly designed path for your life and it will be easier to walk if you take off that shame-filled backpack. 

Sharpen. Experience God’s provision as He brings sisters and brothers into your life. He desires for us to have relationships where we can encourage and be encouraged like iron sharpening iron. That awful feeling I get in my stomach before introducing myself to a stranger or stepping into a new church soon fades and new friendships are always made.

Set Standards. There is going to be a whole new selection of items on the honey shelf if you know what I mean! It’s okay to get excited about the prospect of finding romance but don’t for one minute lower your standards. Know your worth and don’t settle for anyone who can’t see it. 

Stand Strong. Protect that innocence inside of you. When others shout out, “Follow us down this path!” listen for a still small voice that guides you in a different direction. Making the decision to say “no” to what is popular is always difficult, but in time, you will experience the benefits of taking the road less travelled into paradise. 

Speak. Share the truth. You know the secret to freedom from the chains of this world and people are dying to find it, especially the ones who say it doesn’t exist. If you have nothing important or interesting to say, don’t let anyone convince you to speak but if you know the spirit is guiding you, open your mouth and speak the truth in love and confidence.  

Seek. Never stray from a pure and simple devotion to Christ (2 Cor. 11:3 ESV). Spend every morning on your knees in quiet obedience to God and He will give you specific guidance. Don’t worry when you experience doubt like I did because understanding can often be a result of faith. Science is a helpful tool in testing material truth but it is not the ultimate authority*.

Serve. I was insecure and unsure during my first month of college because I was focused on myself. I found that the best way to combat that self-consciousness is to simply serve in whatever capacity possible. In whatever activity I volunteered in, I was surrounded by other selfless people who became great friends. 





*Reading List:

A Case For Creation by Lee Strobel

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis